Monday, August 14


We've moved !!!

Wohoo !!! Finally finally after nearly a year it's there : the new (& hopefully better) chez Plum !!

The blog is also moving over there, please update your bookmarks. It's now :

See you there...

Monday, August 7


Another car, and fleece booties

So I made a second car, the pink and turquoise one. Encouraged by Ajour's comment, I tried my hand at embroidering around the windows but after about half an hour and trying several different stitches, I just left it plain. I sticked to my original plan and just added Xs on the wheels. (first car's wheels are too "fat", I might take them off to fix them.. maybe)
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I went to the fabric / craft store on saturday (leaving the girls with laurent, makes it so much easier!) and just COULDN'T resist buying this book. The bag on the cover is so pretty, and some other projects are real cute too. But mostly, I like the general concept, the coordinated colors, plus now I have a little guide of easy embroidery techniques !

I also got a piece of double-sided fleece there, which I want to make a zip-up hoodie for prune with. (I'm trying to find a -super simple- hoodie pattern btw, suggestions..? I'll probably go and have a look at the library..). But I thought it would be perfect for some wee maryjane booties. I used one lonely bootie I found at the op shop for a template and a little later, here they are.Quite like them... I'll probably make a couple more for my Etsy shop. :-D
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Now the question is what should I send to those 2 babies tho. I may stick with my idea (crocheted caps for the older brother/sister), but should I add a pair of fleece shoes as well..? Time will tell.

I've also cast on for the new Glampyre/Stitch Diva sweater the other night while watching a pay-per-view. I'm using a big cone of nice thin white mohair, it's very fluffy but I hope it'll turn out nice. I'll show a pic when I'm a bit further along...

Wednesday, August 2


Of ticks and cars

We had a great week-end over at my parents with a lot of my family on my dad's side. There was 23 of us, ranging from 1 month to 95...! Not all of us, we're a large family, but already quite a bit.
It was really cool to spend time with them. Plus my mum babysat the girls to let me do a short walk with everybody else, which I sooo appreciated. Usually I stay at home while the others have fun.. ;-P
Here's one pic I like. Usually I'm the one taking photos, so I love when I'm on the pics too.. ;-)
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Now the only downfall of that week-end is the little "souvenir" we brought back : a tick on prune's hip. Oops. And I hate those little guys! So we went to the doctor yesterday and had it removed... Only to discover that I also got THREE of them right afterwards during the mini-walk in the woods we made with my friend Pascale and her family. (she's such an awesome friend, and I love her aussie husband !)

...Morality of the story: I hate ticks. And I'm not going walking in the woods any time soon !!!

Craftwise, I've been (slowly) working on those baby gifts: crocheted cars. I'm still in the prototype stage, but here's the one for baby Nikita, nearly finished. Still needs a windshield. & I may change the wheels a bit on the next ones. Like the kitty rattle, it's got a wee sleigh bell inside. Prune has already placed an order for one... ;-)
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Edit : Have you checked out Knottie's Pattern database yet ? Still in the early stages, but that should be such a great ressource ! Read about the project here, look for patterns here, add a new pattern here, and finally give some feedback here.

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