Friday, April 28


Ultrasound pics...

Well well .. Thanks for your sweet comments guys ! And as you're asking, the ultrasound went fine, the baby still needs to turn down (but I'm only due in another month and a half).
Other than that, it's all good. Another big baby too (estimated 3.9 kg at due date !) but it went so well for Prune that it doesn't really worry me...
And now here's pics for you, the "inside" and "outside" shots... ;-)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Please excuse the hunchback look tho, I was just trying to "fit" in the picture...)

My mum was here the other day and lookee ! She finished her stole, her very first crochet project ever ladies !!!! She did such an awesome job !

Monday is a bank holiday here in France, so we're off for a long week-end with some friends. Bike rides for the boys (or actually, girls as well... except me !!) and our first barbecue of the season. Yum, can't wait !
Now I just have to decide what project to bring along. I've been playing with some of my recycled silk these days but it's such a miniature project that it's not even worth bringing it... So I might work on the lime cardi finally !
Some may have the second sock syndrome, but I think I have the "finish-that-project-and-write-that-pattern" syndrome !!!!!!
Or maybe I'll give in and find a project to play with my new toys... ;-) (bought from Lemonade on Etsy)

Edited to add: anyone know of a nice and easy way to create a knitting chart, other than the old Excel table...?

Monday, April 24


One year !

Funny how lots of us seem to have started pretty much at the same time... but today is my "blogiversary" ! Yep,made the big jump a year ago today. And I can tell you I didn't feel very comfortable with this blogging/posting on forums thing at the time... That's another great thing with blogging, the new skills (I call it skill because to my family I'm an expert .. ;-) ) and the ability to do it all by yourself.
Weird how it seems like forever tho. I mean, met so many people since, made good friends, fantastic connections, got my own site online, managed to write patterns and had the huge priviledge to see other people knit from those (!), got back into knitting (hadn't knit in like 10 years before prune was born), and even learned to crochet !
Anyhow, stealing the idea from Winnie, I made a wee FO mosaic to celebrate...
Image hosting by Photobucket
(and this is where it so obviously shows what a "small project" knitter I am...!)

Doing good progress on the crochet babyset, but I'll probably write more about that later this week. Just thought I couldn't miss writing a post today.
Oh. And I have my third ultrasound tomorrow btw... ;-)

Wednesday, April 19


Bunnies and eggs

Hope you all had a happy Easter week-end !
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket
I was lucky we only left for Grenoble on sunday because I don't think there's any way I could have sent my submission in time otherwise... ! Apparently they never received as many as this time. So really... all I hope for is to know soon enough if it's rejected to maybe submit it somewhere else. We'll see.

Image hosting by Photobucket I brought back from my "secondary stash" more mohair. I have this idea for crocheted cardis with a granny square base... It could make a few really nice ones if it works out the way I see it. Still need to improve my granny square skills though ;-) But that' ll probably wait till colder times anyway.

Also found some crafting books I had completely forgotten about, including one on "painting with yarn" and the breathtaking "patchwork pictures" by Janet Bolton. Love my crafting bookshelf ! :-D

Otherwise, what else ? Been dyeing yarn again today: today's wenesday so Prune's at daycare ... And I'm now working on the second item for the baby set... have to rush, little Nia's born !! (yeah Christine, you knew it was for her, right.. You'll just have to pretend it's a surprise... ;-) )

Tomorrow I'll be leaving ing Prune for 4 days with my parents. Wow. This will be her first time. Hope it all goes well. Just hope she doesn't ask for us all night...!
And for us, we're planning to go out and see a movie. Hasn't happened since at least what.. 3 years ?!

Thursday, April 13


It's coming along

The Knitty submission piece I mean. I'm done with the first half of it, and pretty happy. I love the process, knit, see how it could be improved, frog, reknit, rethink of yet more refinements... Did a lot of that with the chokers as well, and it's so satisfying to see a cleaner end result..
My only concern is now to be done by friday as we're off for the week-end ! Anyhow, here's a sneak preview, as I hate to post without pics..
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Second pic is yet more dyed yarn. Or how this turned into that.

Ever since I opened my shop there I'm spending a great deal of time on Etsy. There's just so much awesome stuff there ! I know where I'll get my christmas presents next year !!!

Oh, and finally. Most of you guys must have already heard about the big news : my friend Yahaira opened her online yarn shop pureknits yesterday and it's so cool. Go there and treat yourself to some of her stuff. You know you're worth it !! ;-)

Saturday, April 8


Bois de Rose

I found the darn food-coloring, in ... the kitchen cabinet !?§!!! I had looked everywhere in the yarn department !!!
So I dyed more yarn on wenesday. Dyed or re-dyed. Got some lovely results too, although I still need to buy more to perfect one lot. The cotton came out a real nice green from a second round in the washing machine too.

And then there were those 2 skeins. Didn't like them so much despite ten thousand dips in the pot...till I swatched it. And decided it'd make either yummy chunky socks, or a cool cardi for prune.
So this is what I did yesterday. Body is the said dyed yarn, and crocheted trim pink yarn comes from stash.
Image hosting by Photobucket
For some reason the colors remind of "bois de rose" although chances are it has nothing to do with it...

Anyway. Bottom line is picky little Prune for some reason refuses to wear the cardi and cries every time I approach her with it. Not that the yarn scratches or anything... So now I got to find this wee cardi a new home. I'll give Etsy a try, but if one of you is interested by a trade of some sort... (100% pure wool, fits 18month-2 years, 3/4 sleeves)

And second bottom line is, I love this dying yarn stuff. All the white boring yarn is now so cool I've nearly decided on a project for each and can't wait to get started on them. Stashbusting !

Lastly, about my previous post. It's actually not pants, nor skirt, and not a blanket. But I was being a bit silly, it'd be really hard to guess ! Anyway, Ajour's the closest shapewise so I'll send you a copy of the pattern when it's ready... ;-) (but if somebody else comes with the right answer of course there'll be a second copy..!)
And thanks for your trusting comments on my Knitty submission. For some reason I have a hard time sticking with it, but it still should be fine. And then fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 4


Crochet cardi

So I've finished the wee crochet cardi yesterday. Finishing is never the funnest part, but I quite like the result.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Now the question is, shall I continue with the other items of the set or shall I FINALLY get started on my Knitty submission..?! Deadline is april 15th, soon it'll be too late.

Btw, just for fun, if somebody guesses what the next item in that baby shower set is, you'll get a free copy of that pattern.. ;-) It ain't a hat, nor booties (although I do plan an assorted free pattern for booties a bit later on). And third item in the pattern will be a little softie toy...

In other news, for my fellow crafsterites, you may notice I've changed my username into "SylvChezPlum". No more Prunille. First because it's more "me", and also it might be easier for people to recognize me between all my different names (chez Plum, Pelotes, Sylv...)
Also, I just opened an Etsy Shop. Will see if my stitchmarkers get any luck there.. although I might redo some of them.

Oh, and I'm so proud of my mum. I taught her to crochet last thursday, lent her a book and the exact yarn (Phildar Aurore in the same shade as on the book.. did feel like my own yarn store !!) to make an easy lacy stole she liked... She's already made a potholder, and got a good start on the stole. Yeah for her !!!

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