Friday, April 28


Ultrasound pics...

Well well .. Thanks for your sweet comments guys ! And as you're asking, the ultrasound went fine, the baby still needs to turn down (but I'm only due in another month and a half).
Other than that, it's all good. Another big baby too (estimated 3.9 kg at due date !) but it went so well for Prune that it doesn't really worry me...
And now here's pics for you, the "inside" and "outside" shots... ;-)
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(Please excuse the hunchback look tho, I was just trying to "fit" in the picture...)

My mum was here the other day and lookee ! She finished her stole, her very first crochet project ever ladies !!!! She did such an awesome job !

Monday is a bank holiday here in France, so we're off for a long week-end with some friends. Bike rides for the boys (or actually, girls as well... except me !!) and our first barbecue of the season. Yum, can't wait !
Now I just have to decide what project to bring along. I've been playing with some of my recycled silk these days but it's such a miniature project that it's not even worth bringing it... So I might work on the lime cardi finally !
Some may have the second sock syndrome, but I think I have the "finish-that-project-and-write-that-pattern" syndrome !!!!!!
Or maybe I'll give in and find a project to play with my new toys... ;-) (bought from Lemonade on Etsy)

Edited to add: anyone know of a nice and easy way to create a knitting chart, other than the old Excel table...?

omg! I cant believe youre due in a month already.

and I think pretty soon your mom will need her own blog ; )
Very happy to hear all went well at the doctors. You are due very soon! Your mother is a great job for her first stole. New toys are always fun. Write that pattern girlfriend!! xx hugs
bonjour , pourriez-vous me dire les explications du panier en crochet ou bien ou pourrai je les trouver merci Kazoo
Glad to hear the ultrasound went good, wow, an amazing journey...take good care of yourself.
Yay! A not-so-little baby! :D Only just over a month to go? Blimey, time flies... Can't wait :D

And because I'm cheeky, I can't wait to see what people suggest about knitting charts, as I've got one to make too.
baby?! wonderful!
knitpro is great for making charts out of pictures.
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