Monday, June 26


2 weeks & a bit

... where should I start ? Oh yeah, first, the promised pic of the beautiful placket neck pullover (from LMKG) that Yahaira knitted for Maud.
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Can you guess I am obviously IN LOVE with the color she chose...? ;-) She also sent along more yarn (hat, capelet..? we'll see this winter) and Swarowski crystals that I believe will soon become divine stitchmarkers... :-P

We came back on saturday night from a full week away. My cousin's wedding and then visiting pretty much the whole family. Plus saw some friends too, coool.
And the girls..? They're doing great, really. Prune was such a nice baby we expected the worse (like "you can't win all the time"..) but no, Maud hardly ever cries at all, & sleeps and eats well. And Prune doesn't seem too jealous at all so far. (Look at her hugging her "lil sister" at the clinic). Mind you, there is this wonderful thing in France called "conge paternite" ( fatherhood vacation) where the dads can take 2 (paid) weeks off for a new baby. So Prune had a lot of daddy-time and it certainly made the transition easier.

And here's Maud having a nap on her daddy's tummy.(& the uncropped original .. ;-) )
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In knitting news.. not too much obviously, but I did weave in all the ends of my lime cardi. Need to attach the buttons now, hadn't brought them along. I'm also working on a very basic flared cotton skirt for Prune. Might have to rip a few rows but it's on circs, so very portable and easy to bring along anywhere. The perfect kind of project these days... ;-)

Laurent also nearly finished the "new" chez Plum yesterday. Hopefully we'll be able to put it online in the coming week ! (the blog should move over there too)

And last but not least, thanks for all your messages and comments! We're indeed very happy and it's nice to be able to share thatwith you guys..!
(and yet another baby to come chez Karen !!! Yeah !!)

Monday, June 12


Finally, baby Maud !!!!!!

Hey, we're back home !!
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Maud was born at 4 pm on thursday, labor did take a bit longer than expected because she "floated" so much (twice the average quantity of liquid), but once they broke the waters she was out in 3 contractions. 53 cm, 3.8 kg. She seems real calm so far, only thing is she sleeps a lot during the day, .. but has trouble finding sleep at night.. But hey, she's only a few days old !
I'm fine too, although I fainted on the first evening ( didn't eat for the whole day and you should have seen the meal they gave me, like I was on a weight watchers diet !!). All good now, just need to be able to find sleep again. Not that that I don't have the time, my body just won't go in "sleeping mode"... hormones ? Was the same for Prune anyway.

Anyhow, enough baby talk. Tomorrow we're starting the grand tour to visit the family, so you probably won't hear much from me for a bit ... But let me just tell you I got the most amazing package from Yahaira today, I'll post pics later but you can already see a pic of the beautiful sweater she knit for Maud on her blog.

Oh, and can you believe I even knit a few rows while at the clinic..? Actually I even would have knitted more if I had packed it from the beginning but I felt silly taking my knitting with me. But it was nice and relaxing to have something to keep the fingers busy during quiet times...

Okay, talk to you all later :-D

Wednesday, June 7


I have a date ...

Remember how I said I had an appointment with my doctor on tuesday ? Well well ladies, turns out I'll be induced .... tomorrow !!!!! We have to be at the clinic at 7.45 am... Ta da !!
...unless she comes all by herself by then of course (I've had contractions all night and morning yet again)
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I've managed to finish the lime cardi finally, after spending a whole evening counting stitches on each section about a million times !! This is REALLY not my favorite part of the whole process I tell you ! Now to weave in all these ends, give it a goooood block, and attach & choose the right buttons. I tried several options yesterday, I think my preference goes to the plum assortment (!) so far, but I'd love to hear what you think. (click for larger pics)

Okay, see you guys in a few days, wish us luck !! (I just hope everything is fine for the baby..)

Monday, June 5


Would be too easy ...

if it always worked at first try. Progress is slow, but I'm getting there. The collar looks nice enough and it did motivate me to finish it, BUT I have to rip it all (already frogged the buttonhole front band this morning and nearly ended up with a major catastrophy but that's another story) and redo it. I tried to avoid the "300 stitches" thing, but it's not working nice enough otherwise so 300 stitches it shall be .. At least the numbers are written already, and (most) stitches picked up.
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I'm also not too sure about the width of the sleeves. But I'll see that after it's blocked, and also check whether it's because I went up one size to accomodate my "pregancy-then-breastfeeding" bust...

On that pic, you might also notice my new love, a fantabulous necklace I found at the thriftshop on saturday (I'm always the best to find excuses to go to thrifstores..). It's heavy, it's heavy-duty looking, it's made with ceramics, metal and leather, I just LOVE it. I even took off my NZ jade pendant to wear it, and I believe it's the first time in like... 3 or 4 years..?!!!

... and what about that baby you may ask..? Well, either laurent is right and because I have a lot of amniotic fluid (?) all these contractions I keep on having aren't efficient, or she's just not ready yet. Anyhow, I'm seing the obst. tomorrow. And I can't wait to see what he says, I tell you...

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