Monday, June 26


2 weeks & a bit

... where should I start ? Oh yeah, first, the promised pic of the beautiful placket neck pullover (from LMKG) that Yahaira knitted for Maud.
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Can you guess I am obviously IN LOVE with the color she chose...? ;-) She also sent along more yarn (hat, capelet..? we'll see this winter) and Swarowski crystals that I believe will soon become divine stitchmarkers... :-P

We came back on saturday night from a full week away. My cousin's wedding and then visiting pretty much the whole family. Plus saw some friends too, coool.
And the girls..? They're doing great, really. Prune was such a nice baby we expected the worse (like "you can't win all the time"..) but no, Maud hardly ever cries at all, & sleeps and eats well. And Prune doesn't seem too jealous at all so far. (Look at her hugging her "lil sister" at the clinic). Mind you, there is this wonderful thing in France called "conge paternite" ( fatherhood vacation) where the dads can take 2 (paid) weeks off for a new baby. So Prune had a lot of daddy-time and it certainly made the transition easier.

And here's Maud having a nap on her daddy's tummy.(& the uncropped original .. ;-) )
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In knitting news.. not too much obviously, but I did weave in all the ends of my lime cardi. Need to attach the buttons now, hadn't brought them along. I'm also working on a very basic flared cotton skirt for Prune. Might have to rip a few rows but it's on circs, so very portable and easy to bring along anywhere. The perfect kind of project these days... ;-)

Laurent also nearly finished the "new" chez Plum yesterday. Hopefully we'll be able to put it online in the coming week ! (the blog should move over there too)

And last but not least, thanks for all your messages and comments! We're indeed very happy and it's nice to be able to share thatwith you guys..!
(and yet another baby to come chez Karen !!! Yeah !!)

she's so adorable! I love those cheeks!

I'm so glad you liked the goodies, I cant wait to see pics of her in it this winter.
Maud is so beautiful! Congratulations on the birth!

I've worried about having a second baby because my first one was so great - the same "you can't get that lucky twice" fear - so it is good to hear it does work out!
The pic of Prune and Maud is adorable, both angles!
ahhhhh, too cute. I found myself back in knitting after a couple of months after the 2nd baby. And it was VERY simple knitting..Right now, 10 months later, I'm trying to do lace..(hopefully):)
Your children are precious!! I love that photo of your husband napping with the baby. So sweet. I have one with my husband and my son too. Nothing like having a baby sleeping on you.

I started the Isabeau shrug pattern. What a beautiful, feminine shrug!! I can't wait to wear it.

I'll send a photo when I get it done.

Take care of yourself. :)
Just seen the new edition of Knitty. Congratulations Sylvie, those sandals are just scrummy. they look just right for lounging in a yurt!

Hope you are getting enough sleep.
Ah Sylvie! Maud is beautiful! She's absolutely stunning!
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