Monday, July 24


Learn a new (french) word : Canicule !

"La canicule" is a super hot summer. Like the one they had in 2003 (we weren't in France then) or this one we're having now ! Everyday I fight against the heat to keep it away as long as possible. Closed blinds all day and going out only in the morning... I so need a fan !

But well, we're surviving. Not much kitting though. We were away all week-end again (our parents live in cooler places, thank god) and now with the 2 girls I just didn't take the extra time to choose and pack my knitting/crocheting..!
Got to meet this cool lady there who's selling all sorts of things (jewelerry, antique dresses and sheets, beaded bags etc..) on Ebay since 2003, and now has a little side-shop too. Might not be so extraordinary for you guys, but for me it was the first time I met sbdy with whom I could "speak the same language", if you see what I mean.. so cool !

Oh. And after finally succesfully destashing a bit (40 skeins !!), ... what do you think I did..? Well, re-stashed of course !! ;-)

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I received my order from Pureknits last week, Ta da ! (people who know me will know it's quite extraordinary for me to buy brand new yarn from a real shop!!) So I got me bamboo needles (the circs are real hard to find here, and certainly more expensive !!), 5 skeins of Hip Knits silk in "barbie", 2 skeins of Malabrigo in "calypso" (still not sure what I'll do with it but that colourway is soooo pretty !!), ... and of course the pattern for the famous Noni Camelia's !!
As usual, it was all so pretty packed, and she even included little samples of Fable Handknit Yarn, so soft !!

I've added several pictures in the Gallery lately, go check them out ! Also, I had to remove all the direct "mailto" links featuring my email adress, I'm just getting SO MUCH SPAM !! Instead, my uncle said to dispay it in a jpeg picture (see it in my sidebar), so that the robots and search engines can't read it... Hope it'll help !

okay, now I'll try and start on my next project, .. another belated baby pressie, for little Gaspard !

Monday, July 17


Ooops !! Isabeau tote pattern correction !

Thanks to "ChloeZ" in the Tote Knitalong for noticing a big bad typo in the Isabeau handbag and tote pattern :

In the "body of the bag" section, right after the seed stitch section it should read
"Next, work 33(53)rows in lace pattern" ( instead of 37/57).
I'll be sending the corrected pdf tonight to all people who bought the pattern. I've just sent the corrected pattern to all the people who bought the pattern. Got a few failed delivery though, so if you haven't received yours, please contact me at
So sorry !

The lime cardi is finally finished... BUT it's so too big for me !! I really should have gone with smaller sizing. Even though it's kind of ok in the boobs area (breastfeeding!) all the rest is too big. Laurent says it looks like a potato sack... ;-) (but he also says it's too bad cause it would have been nice otherwise.. ;-) He's not that bad..)
Hopefully I'll be able to make better pics later. It's so dang hot here these days we keep the blinds closed all day, which is not the best to take pictures... I may try to model it tonight as well, just so you can see it IS too big.

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So now I'm not too sure what to do. Will I have the courage to knit a second smaller one ..? And what to do with this one ?... We'll see. I do like it altogether tho. Proud of the ties in the back too. Turned out exactly the way I wanted it too ... which is not always the case ! ;-)

Oh. And more real pretty Lacanau sandals there !

Thursday, July 13


Why I love my hooks !

The skirt was REALLY too short. The top was slightly too wide and kept on rolling. Prune wouldn't keep it on. All this for nothing..?
So I took my hooks, leftovers of Cotonina in an close-enough light blue... added a sc few rows around the waist with eyelets for an i-cord belt (but turns out she doesn't even need it) and one row of sc around the bottom of the skirt. Now it's the perfect size, stays around her waist and flares exactly how it should. (You can kinda see the mods on the first pic. )
Yipee for crochet !
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting It's really cute now... and she even seems to like it !

I just received this cute package in the mail from Marsha : 2 sk and a bit of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino swapped for some of my stitchmarkers...
I love swaps !! :-D Thanks again Marsha !!
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Also ... some Lacanau sandals across the web already !!! :-D And Sunflowerfairy finished her shrug !

Tuesday, July 11


A very mini

So I just finished Prune's skirt... finally. Tried to make the best of the yarn I had (really liked that color) but it doesn't make a very long skirt...! I guess I may make another longer one with some Cotonina, and with eyelets (and i-cord or something..) around the waist so it stays where it should ..! Doesn't show well on that pic but it's got eyelet and lace rows. Sort of the same kind of look as Kat Koyle's eyelet skirt on Knitty.
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It also took me ages but I sewed the buttons on my lime cardi yesterday. Despite the 26° C in the appartment (!) I've already been wearing it much, and it's such a perfect cardi for the summer !!! The 3/4 sleeves, wide neck and airy lace pattern make it just perfect.
I still need to block it though. And I may have to do some minor mods / finishing on it.. We'll see.

I also finally finished the pattern for Nia's babyset. Yep, a crochet pattern chez Plum !

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There are also a couple new pics in the Gallery. And look at the beautiful color Sunflowerfairy chose for her Isabeau shrug !

Thursday, July 6


Lacanau !!!

My pattern in the summer Knitty is finally out !!
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I hope if anybody ever tries making a pair they'll send me pics ! ...& I'm actually glad it's out: didn't know what I'd blog about this week .. ;-)

We've had a bit of a heat wave here so I came over to my parent's place for a few days with the girls. And although I did knit and crochet a bit, there's not much I could show: the little skirt for Prune I had to rip entirely because I ended up not having enough yarn for the shape I was going for. And my other project is a nursery wall-organiser. Only a plain rectangle in progress so far, not so exciting...!

I also want to start on a little crochet toy thingie for my cousin's new baby (yes, it IS baby time big time these days !). Should be fun, and I have this plan of a collection of 2 or 3 of them for a new pattern... Stay tuned !

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