Tuesday, July 11


A very mini

So I just finished Prune's skirt... finally. Tried to make the best of the yarn I had (really liked that color) but it doesn't make a very long skirt...! I guess I may make another longer one with some Cotonina, and with eyelets (and i-cord or something..) around the waist so it stays where it should ..! Doesn't show well on that pic but it's got eyelet and lace rows. Sort of the same kind of look as Kat Koyle's eyelet skirt on Knitty.
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It also took me ages but I sewed the buttons on my lime cardi yesterday. Despite the 26° C in the appartment (!) I've already been wearing it much, and it's such a perfect cardi for the summer !!! The 3/4 sleeves, wide neck and airy lace pattern make it just perfect.
I still need to block it though. And I may have to do some minor mods / finishing on it.. We'll see.

I also finally finished the pattern for Nia's babyset. Yep, a crochet pattern chez Plum !

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There are also a couple new pics in the Gallery. And look at the beautiful color Sunflowerfairy chose for her Isabeau shrug !

SOMEHOW CROCHET WAS ALWAYS A MESTERY TO ME! Hope one day will take time and learn.
You daugter is so adorable in that skirt!
BTW, I am going to knit Lacanau (maybe during my summer vacation) and if it turns out nice will send you a pic!
Big congrats on Knitty!! The shoes are awesome and a unique idea! Love love love the baby set. You are just pure brillant! Bravo!
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