Monday, June 12


Finally, baby Maud !!!!!!

Hey, we're back home !!
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Maud was born at 4 pm on thursday, labor did take a bit longer than expected because she "floated" so much (twice the average quantity of liquid), but once they broke the waters she was out in 3 contractions. 53 cm, 3.8 kg. She seems real calm so far, only thing is she sleeps a lot during the day, .. but has trouble finding sleep at night.. But hey, she's only a few days old !
I'm fine too, although I fainted on the first evening ( didn't eat for the whole day and you should have seen the meal they gave me, like I was on a weight watchers diet !!). All good now, just need to be able to find sleep again. Not that that I don't have the time, my body just won't go in "sleeping mode"... hormones ? Was the same for Prune anyway.

Anyhow, enough baby talk. Tomorrow we're starting the grand tour to visit the family, so you probably won't hear much from me for a bit ... But let me just tell you I got the most amazing package from Yahaira today, I'll post pics later but you can already see a pic of the beautiful sweater she knit for Maud on her blog.

Oh, and can you believe I even knit a few rows while at the clinic..? Actually I even would have knitted more if I had packed it from the beginning but I felt silly taking my knitting with me. But it was nice and relaxing to have something to keep the fingers busy during quiet times...

Okay, talk to you all later :-D

yes !!!!! elle est belle comme un coeur !!!
felicitations !! bon retour chez toi.
Aww...she's beautiful! Look at all that dark hair!

Sorry...I realize you don't know me because I've never commented before, but I found you through Craftster and have been an avid reader for some time now. I enjoy your work very much!
Contratulations Sylv!! I love the name Maud, she is absolutley beautiful, what a angle face!! She's perfect!! Take good care! -Pam
Syl!!! I was just thinking today, isn't that baby born yet??!! I see that she has!

Maud is a beautiful name, she is beautiful- thanks so much for sharing all these pictures!

I am so, so happy for you!

Enjoy your new friend!

Emms :)
Yay!! baby pictures....
so beautiful..
Congratulations! Maud is precious!
Congratulations!!!! Maud is so beautiful, you must be so proud to have such a gorgeous baby girl!

Take care xxxxx
She's adorable! Congratulations on your new family member.
Congratulation Sylvie, she is a beautiful baby. How does Prune like her new sister?
Have a good time en famille and return home safe and not too tired. All the bestXXX
Congratulations Sylv! She is lovely! We are so delighted to see her!
Ahhhhhh! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there! I have been SO crazy (helena just turned 3- crazy party!)and have been meaning to write you but then I thought I'd give you time to re-cuperate! But WOW! You are already blogging! (JEALOUS!)
3 CONTRACTIONS?? Yey! That's great! The food I had with Nia was unbearable too. It doesn't seem fair- you can't eat all day and then they give you stuff that's inedible!
How's prune doing with her? Give them both a big hug and kiss from me!
Oh and I designed/knitted a one of a kind dress for prune- give me a bit more time because I am also going to be doing something for maud as well!!!
I love you and your family! I am so HAPPY for you!
(and aren't you glad it's over and done with now??!!)
Congratulations, hope you are both well and Prune is enjoying being a big sister.
Congratulations! What a BEAUTIFUL baby! Glad you are both doing well.
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