Monday, June 5


Would be too easy ...

if it always worked at first try. Progress is slow, but I'm getting there. The collar looks nice enough and it did motivate me to finish it, BUT I have to rip it all (already frogged the buttonhole front band this morning and nearly ended up with a major catastrophy but that's another story) and redo it. I tried to avoid the "300 stitches" thing, but it's not working nice enough otherwise so 300 stitches it shall be .. At least the numbers are written already, and (most) stitches picked up.
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I'm also not too sure about the width of the sleeves. But I'll see that after it's blocked, and also check whether it's because I went up one size to accomodate my "pregancy-then-breastfeeding" bust...

On that pic, you might also notice my new love, a fantabulous necklace I found at the thriftshop on saturday (I'm always the best to find excuses to go to thrifstores..). It's heavy, it's heavy-duty looking, it's made with ceramics, metal and leather, I just LOVE it. I even took off my NZ jade pendant to wear it, and I believe it's the first time in like... 3 or 4 years..?!!!

... and what about that baby you may ask..? Well, either laurent is right and because I have a lot of amniotic fluid (?) all these contractions I keep on having aren't efficient, or she's just not ready yet. Anyhow, I'm seing the obst. tomorrow. And I can't wait to see what he says, I tell you...

well actually she's just waiting for me to get to post office :)
I'll be going there today and maybe again in a week or so!
It looks really, really great! I personally am not so keen on lime green, but the colour (and the cardi in general =D ) looks fantastic on you.

Tell me if this is too much information ;) but I had a friend (an adult friend obviously since I'm only 14) who was pregnant with her second child, and the baby just didn't want to come out. She did NOT want a caesarian, so the doctors just broke her waters for her and everything just went swimmingly after that. :)
I love the color and the stitch, awesome! I love the 3/4 sleeve lenght. AND that necklace is very cool! Hang in there, the final days are grueling, but it's all worth it.
I love this cardi- is this a new addition to the Isabeau family? Are you going to to sell the pattern? I really want to make this!!!

Love to you!

Emms :)
I'm with Emmie - I really want to make that cardi! Where, oh where did the fabulous pattern come from? Or is it one you will be selling? (I have a feeling I will be sending you a lot of money soon...)
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