Saturday, April 8


Bois de Rose

I found the darn food-coloring, in ... the kitchen cabinet !?§!!! I had looked everywhere in the yarn department !!!
So I dyed more yarn on wenesday. Dyed or re-dyed. Got some lovely results too, although I still need to buy more to perfect one lot. The cotton came out a real nice green from a second round in the washing machine too.

And then there were those 2 skeins. Didn't like them so much despite ten thousand dips in the pot...till I swatched it. And decided it'd make either yummy chunky socks, or a cool cardi for prune.
So this is what I did yesterday. Body is the said dyed yarn, and crocheted trim pink yarn comes from stash.
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For some reason the colors remind of "bois de rose" although chances are it has nothing to do with it...

Anyway. Bottom line is picky little Prune for some reason refuses to wear the cardi and cries every time I approach her with it. Not that the yarn scratches or anything... So now I got to find this wee cardi a new home. I'll give Etsy a try, but if one of you is interested by a trade of some sort... (100% pure wool, fits 18month-2 years, 3/4 sleeves)

And second bottom line is, I love this dying yarn stuff. All the white boring yarn is now so cool I've nearly decided on a project for each and can't wait to get started on them. Stashbusting !

Lastly, about my previous post. It's actually not pants, nor skirt, and not a blanket. But I was being a bit silly, it'd be really hard to guess ! Anyway, Ajour's the closest shapewise so I'll send you a copy of the pattern when it's ready... ;-) (but if somebody else comes with the right answer of course there'll be a second copy..!)
And thanks for your trusting comments on my Knitty submission. For some reason I have a hard time sticking with it, but it still should be fine. And then fingers crossed.

The colors you came up with on the cardi is just beautiful. I can't believe little Prune refuses to wear this. Is the second item to be a pair of slippers?
that is beautiful.
Glad you found the food coloring, I wouldn't have thought to look in the kitchen, either. :D

That cardi is so sweet, the green and white color patterning came out great!
Hi, Wow, I won a pattern! Thanks! I talked about your blog with my sister, she said: maybe its a poncho...
By the way: you're a fast knitter!
The cardi is so pretty - I love your colors. Beware dyeing yarn is addictive!
Another adorable little cardi Sylv, little Prune doesn't know what she's missing!
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