Thursday, June 9


Al last !!

I've been waiting for my summer IK issue to arrive for sooo long I was starting to think it had been "lost".. But it did make it after over 6 weeks of shipping! I really wouldn't get a subscription in the end, the wait would drive me insane !!

A lot of the projects are really very pretty but I have a sneak suspicion those may be my first priorities :
Image hosted by Image hosted by
The brown set because I love to have something warm around my neck. And the lacy kerchief at least partly since I saw that one !
...And I said I wasn't a scarf person ? Yeah, but it's more about lace than scarf really .. ;-)

But back to my knitting : the deadline for the Stitch Diva flower competition is next Friday !! I probably won't be able to submit much, but it's always fun anyways.. I've finished the nearly gloves, except I have to redo the seams... I might take a pic when I'm done.

Hehe.. Did you see I've added a button in my sidebar ? I'm so proud !! :-) I know I'm still far behind but every step counts, right ?

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