Wednesday, June 15


Loopin' !!

Yeah!! I received my "Loop d Loop" book yesterday (and once again Amazon was faster than announced)!! And just like I thought, this book is going to be my new (knitting) Bible ! I love that she explores new boundaries, and sets up new horizons. So inspiring. Plus I know I'm going to actually knit SEVERAL of her designs, which is not the case for many of my other books, no matter how I like them.
I really want to make a neck cowl ( if you add the top trim, you'd actually call that a "fraise" in french, ie "strawberry" ;-) ), and the yoke vest. Even though I'm not sure I would actually wear it (huh, show my arms ?!!) but still, I NEED to knit that one, it's sooo beautifull!
Now the only problem is going to be to find the right gear : the knitting scene in France is still pretty traditional, which means looking for unusual needles (8mm or 10mm circs, ...or even simply 12" circs, in any size: the lady simply said "oh no, that doesn't exist.."!) is just a hopeless quest. Maybe I'll need to do a trade, or buy them off the internet. Or maybe I'll try and make a pair: why not ?

..oh, and of course I need to dive into my stash for that "perfect yarn".. We'll see what I can find.

Anyway, speaking of trade, I just sent out today my parcel for Maria (don't look if you still want the surprise Maria!), who generously offered to send me some Lionbrand yarn to use for the contest.. So here's what I sent her:
Image hosted by
She wanted that particular phildar book (#391), and I was lucky enough that the lady still had one in stock.. Plus a skein of the yarn used for the cover sweater she liked so much (I figured it will make it easier to find an appropriate substitute.. also it's so hard to chose yarn for sbdy you don't know!), some lavender stuff as she said she loved it (sweets, soap, bath oil, and dry lavender..) and a few yards of grey angora light enough to fit in the parcel.. Can always soften the cuffs of a sweater..?
Oh, and the pink angora/silk yarn she chose from my stash !

So there we go. Now let's keep our fingers crossed that the parcel actually makes it !! This is always my worst fear.

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