Monday, June 6


Not so much to show

Wow thanks guys for the cool comments !! And Christine, you're so nice ! I'm touched. I've been admiring your awesome Lelah for quite a while !!! But Hum.. I'd have to add straps !! ;-)

I don't have much to show this time, not that I haven't finished anything, but I really want to set up a little "shop" area with some patterns, maybe kits, ... (plus hopefully, a "rejected projects pdf booklet" which would include several of the SnB crochet projects that were rejected.. That's sooo exciting !!!)
So in my FO's there's this little (crochet) baby-shower project I whipped up that I'm particularly happy with ... but I don't want to show it too early.

As you can imagine ,I'm doing a lot of thinking these days about how to set it up, ect ...

But you always need a little project going, dont'you..? So yesterday night I casted on a pair of "nearly gloves" by Marnie Mc Lean with a skein of Phildar Maritza from my huge one-skeins pile (as 95% of my stash comes from Op shops..)
Image hosted by

In other news, did you know about the awesome Mango Moon yarns & (free) patterns ? I especially like the shrug and Neru cardi...
I sooooo need to get some of that recycled sari silk soon! And even more since I saw that !
..Oh, and the new Spun issue is up ! I really like that mag, I wish I can submit something there soon. (Argh, so much to do !!)

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