Tuesday, June 21



Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to say the voting for the Stitch Diva thing should start only at the end of the week (they said 24th). I can't wait to see what the others have made, I'm sure some projects will be unbelievably creative (did you see the one featured in their newsletter?)

Thanks for all the über cool comments on my choker (here & on on the crafster post). It made me confident that at least some people share my taste (!), so I may try to submit it to some places. I still have to find some yarn that can be easily bought off the internet or in US yarn stores (so far, Plassard are the only ones I can think of among french yarns..) so I'm going shopping this afternoon !! I'm also reworking a bit the design (that includes designing an embellishment option)..

Anyway, now I've realised you shouldn't show a project if you want to submit it somewhere (I'm thinking especially of Knitty's specific guidelines)I'll be more carefull in the future. Hey, I'm still so new to all that !! Hopefully I'll learn to be less impatient..

In other news, I bought some dowels yesterday (8 & 10 mm), grass-cutting nylon thread and this 5 mm PVC stick (?).. We'll see if I can make some needles?!! Hehe..

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