Monday, June 27


..scratching my head

Okay, so I'm really trying to think hard for a name now.

So far, the only one I kinda really liked was "chez Plum", which had a soft rounded feeling I really liked. But my partner objected that my little daughter Prune (=plum in english) might not like that when she grows older, and that her name should remain only HERS. ...Hum, unfortunately he's probably right.
Then on sunday in the car (coming back from Grenoble where we had a little party for Prune's first birthday, YAY ! She's one year old now..) I thought how about "chez Purl" then ...?
What do you think ? It is too obvious/common ? Would it sound kind of okay ? Would it be easy enough to type/remember ? And yet "personal" enough for people to associate it with a person ..?
I tried googling it, it doesn't look like there'd already be one named like that, although obviously there are already tons of "purl" names. Not that I wanted something including any knitting terms actually, I just really liked the sonority of it.

Or else, I've just had this sudden inspiration maybe I could use some flower name (I tried fruits, but Cerise doesn't quite sound nice enough..). Like "Amarante designs" (the dotcom is no longer available though) or maybe "Capucine" or something.. ?

Again, I'd love your feedback.

Also, I've just added more stuff in my "yarn for swap corner". Mostly yarn, and maybe a few patterns (like I've cut this Phildar cardi pattern from a weekly mag before trashing it). Yeah, that's a lot, but you should see the size of my stash, all the yarn I've been accumulating over the years.
Anyhow, I'm so happy of the swap I made with maria (still haven't received her package though, maybe tomorow ?) I'd like to make more swaps: Ideally, swap some of my stash for labeled (or named, if you're sure of the name/brand that's enough)yarn that can easily bought off the internet, maybe brands such as Rowan, Cascade, Lion Brand, Debbie Bliss, Noro.. you get the idea.

Oh, and Yahaira, thanks for your support !! I see you're kind of in the same process too (of choosing a name)... ;-)

I vote for plum or plums :)
I still need to think of one for you, but I just drove 12 hours ugh, so I can't really think.

omg We definately have to do some sort of swap...
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