Wednesday, July 27


Garter stitch is beautiful

I found this top in a french mag yesterday and thought that was super pretty. Real easy design, and all in garter stitch, but on oversized needles. Somehow I'd be tempted to make one for myself, like in a real dark color (black / navy blue), but would I wear it (I tend to wear only a few things from my wardrobe), and would it still look nice without the ribbon (too girly for me)... plus do I have time to spare for this NOW ?

I also want to make a second shrug, for myself this time. But haven't decided on the color yet: Same muted pink as my IK rib shrug? Navy blue ?(could look nice in a darker color)... or beige just like my friend ? I'd hate to have exactly the same one as her though. I might end up choosing the dark blue. ...Have to go and get the yarn.
My other problem being I misplaced some of my larger size needles. I kind of made do with the ones I have and a coarse piece of dowel for the first shrug. And of course they'll show up as if by magic if I buy new ones.. (!) Well, at least I could sand that dowel this time ! ;-)

Ok, enough questionning for today ! This afternoon is my "day off": Prune goes to daycare. Will do some crafty shopping for a swap, .. and maybe I'll find some good stuff for myself too ! Plus hopefully I may be able to squeeze in some pattern typing or knitting time.

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