Monday, July 4

Hi, hope you all had a good week-end ? I'll be away pretty much all week (no computer and no internet, arghh !!), so hopefully when I come back I'll have some stuff done! Like I really want to do this lacy shrug in my size, and also another choker project that I have in mind and already swatched. Then that will make three patterns (incl. a crochet one I've never shown yet), kind of enough for a start I guess.

With your feedback, I've finally decided on "chez Plum", and we've started working on a design (did I mention my partner is a web-designer?)! It's getting really exciting, .. no wonder I have insomnia ! I can't wait to have it all settled up!

Oh, and btw (this blog is looking more and more like a classified board!), would somebody be interested in being some kind of a "language consultant" for me ? Like somebody who'd proofread my patterns/website (obviously a native english speaker, and preferably knitter and crocheter). In return, that person would have all my patterns for free of course, plus I'd occasionaly send a few goodies (yarn?). Or whatever arrangement we can find.

Okay, and now on to a couple pics: first a preview of my choker, new version (will be named "Felicie", and shall be paired with another choker design : "Felicie aussi". Sorry, french pun..)It's really cozy on your neck, I'm sure I'll wear it a lot this winter rather than the usual scarves.
Image hosted by

And a little Buttafly. This is most probably not the final version, but I just thought I'd show it. I'm pretty happy with the construction I came up with (during one of my insomnias !).
Image hosted by

In other news, I've just signed up for a Crafster swap, called the "my country doesn't have that swap" (!). It will only be a small swap (2 or 3 items), but they kind of needed non-US/canada residents, plus it could be a good way to try the Rowan "all seasons cotton" which seems a perfect substitute for my local Cotonina. (Debbie Bliss "Cashmerino aran" also seems pretty close but with a different material content).

Happy Fourth of July to all Americans! ..And this time I'll try not to check the "no comments allowed" box..! ;-)

woohoo! I love the name (but you knew that already). Actually I was thinking about it while I was away and I thought of frenchgirlknits or something like that, but alas it's apparently taken. So go Chez Plum!!

I would love to help you out, let me know :)
ca marche !! super !!

tres sympa le papillon.,

a bientot
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