Tuesday, July 19


Just in case I ever feel like taking myself seriously...

I'll show my most ridiculous (hopefully ever though !) FO : My new "Kenny" remote control...!!!
I really needed to "baby-proof" the remote as one of Prune's favorite game is to throw it on the ground (then batteries out = not very cool for a baby). So I had grand plans for a really chic cozy with a nice pompom and all...
And look what happened ! Somehow I couldn't find the right yarn in my stash (ie beautiful, bright colored, and yet not THAT beautiful that I could sacrifice it for a remote cozy..), and then couldn't get it to look right, and didn't want to work on it forever..
Anyway, I might try again later, at least it should be functional. Plus now I won't loose it so often any more... ;-)

Maybe I should start a new thread in Crafster, "show your most ridiculous FO"...?!

that's hilarious, start the thread! I would love to see what others have come up with
I would love to trade with you. I have my eyes on that thick and thin green cone you have. How many yards or meters do you think the cone has?

Also, either the blue/grey alpaca mix you have or the homespun. Either one if you dont mind :) Ill send you both the ggh and the mission falls and a little treat :)
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