Saturday, July 23


New yarn

So the shrug pattern is coming along nicely (mostly thanks to my awesome proofreaders!). Can't wait to see wether the larger sizes "work" too.

Also, this already dates back to a few days (but I was too busy with the shrug to post anything), look what I found the other day when I went shopping for my swap partner. I had the (bad?) idea of walking in the Phildar store, and I ended up buying stuff for myself instead !!
Image hosted by
I'm particularly in love with the "Licorne" cotton (plum & lemon). I'd love to turn it into that "besace" knitting bag I'm thinking of. But it's really thin, so I'm not sure it's the right yarn for the job despite those aaaawesome colors !
The other ("steppe") skein was on sale, and is the same quality/color my sister in law made herself a sweater with. It's really lovely, plus it's Oh-so-soft...!
So I'm starting buying yarn from actual yarnstores...? Oh Ho, I'd better stop quick before I get used to it...!!! ;-) (I'd usually get it all from thrift stores)

Lovely cotton ~ those are delicious looking colors!
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