Friday, July 29


Orange is cool ..

But plum and lime is even better ! So I've finally just rearranged the colors of this blog "à ma sauce". Now that looks a bit more like me. However, I still need to fix some stuff with Laurent later today as I know not everybody will have the "Wendy medium" font, so I'll need to photoshop that bit for the title.
But I just couldn't wait, so I'm putting it online right away.

Still can't make up my mind though on whether or not to change the name of that blog (like into some kind of -"chez Plum" blogs- or something), or stick to "Pelotes ect.." I have to admit I'm starting to like "Pelotes" again with these new colors...

ahh yes, plum suits you a lot more
Beautiful .... one of my favorite colors. By the way, is "ect" the French equivalent of "etc"?
..Oops, no, it's only one of my "top favorite" spelling mistakes.. Thanks for that, I'll try and get it fixed.
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