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So here is my friend Rachel modelling her new shrug...
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I also knitted her something else, but Shh! it's a secret.

We had a cool week-end, went to a BBQ, chatted about NZ with a german gal(!), then met with some cousins on sunday. Prune had a great time playing with a toy kitchen(for a change, she was allowed to get all the pots and pans out !!)but she's still a bit young to play with the other kids. She loved swimming with her daddy though!
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Awesome shrug! I don't know how you find the time to do all that knitting with a baby around. You commented on my blog about my Cashmerino. If it doesn't sell I will indeed let you know and we can swap. By the way - I am so envious of you living in France. But you are French, correct? I took a six month leave and lived in Paris for the winter/spring 2000. I had visited about 8 or 9 times since I turned 17 there and every time I left I would cry so I decided to stay for a while. It was so wonderful. If only I could have figured out a way to live there permanently. So I live in France vicariously.
Thanks, ..I really don't have the feeling I'm knitting much though. It's all small and super quick projects.. I just have so much on my to-do list I figured I'd better start with all the quick ones, or else it would take my waaaay too long.
And yeah, I am french indeed. And like most french people, I'd say seeing Paris and seeing France are 2 different things. Parisians can be very haughty and look down upon the rest of the country (kind of "oh, so you also have TV and cell phones down there?" attitude..). Plus most of the negative comments on french people we heard abroad(like being rude, not nice ect..) came from people who had visited only Paris.
But don't get me wrong, I also like Paris as a city. Love the Art museums and the athmosphere along the Seine ect...I just don't like parisians.
Sorry about this whole rant, but I'm always a bit annoyed when people say "Oh, I love France, I want to go to Paris" because there's SO much more to see.

... I hope you get an occasion to see other beautiful areas of France too (but maybe you did and I'm making a fool of myself !)
No you're not making a fool of yourself! But yes, I have seen and visited quite a bit of France. I have friends who live in Lyon and I've spent time there and also I've toured around a few times. My ex-husband was Belgian so we traveled in Europe a lot and in France in particular because we both loved it so. I guess I just love big cities and Paris because it is in France AND a big city. I love the French culture I guess I should have said. Oh. And the cheese. ohhhh the cheeeeeeese.
Wow, so you DID see a lot of France ! And I'm like you like our stinking cheese.. ;-)
Hope I didn't sound too agressive, it really wasn't about you, but this is a subject we french people are probably pretty touchy about...(is that how I should say it?)
Your use of the vernacular is excellent. Yes, "pretty touchy" is just right to describe that and I understand how it is. I am from Seattle where, according to the WORLD, it rains all the time and we all walk around dressed in puffy coats and hiking boots and ski hats.
the shrug is gorge! will you publish the pattern? would love to try it!
Thanks Kate ! The pattern is currently in last stages of being tested, then I'll start selling it on my own site "chez Plum" .. hopefully in the weeks to come !
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