Monday, July 11

So the results for the Stitch Diva contest should be published sometime today, but I already know my choker came 6th. HOWEVER the great news was that jenifer Hansen offered to publish my design in a pamphlet she's preparing. Of course I had to say no as I can't afford to lose any of the few designs I've got right now (I bought my domain name yesterday for "chez Plum"!), but I was awed : Imagine, my first ever offer of money for some of my knitting !!!!!

In knitting news, I'll soon be done with the shrug, Whoohoo! And I so loooove the result so far !
I planned to give it to my friend Rachel as I owe her a birthday present (bad me!!), but seeing the result, I guess I'll be knitting number two very soon for myself !

I'm also doing yet another swap: Melissa is going to send me one of her lovely needle-cases, and I'm sending her some of the bulkiest yarn in my stash (hope she likes it).
The needle-case should more or less match my bedside lamp (true vintage, I snatched it from my parents !), that will be fun.. Plus it should be a nice way to keep all my knitting needles out of the way from Prune !
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