Thursday, August 25


Can't even think of a title now...

So we've had troubles with the computer and connection for a while now. But all this was nothing. Today all my "knitting" files disapeared. Yes, ALL.
I mean, ok there was my huge collection of patterns, either free patterns collected all around the internet, or just scans stored there.. But I just found an old backup from back in march, plus a few things stored here and there (hopefully I still have all those that were sent to me in Outlook express..) so it shouldn't be THAT bad. Maybe I'll get back like 80% or so..

But then, there's all the rest. ALL my pictures of FOs and projects, all my designs so far, ALL my patterns..including at least one that I have NO copy anywhere. And that was ALL after the march backup. But for the things stored in photobucket, it's all gone. Thank God I have copies of the shrug and purse pattern via sent emails and in the site.
And you know the worst ? It's about the ONLY big thing missing in the disk after the major failure we had this morning. Mind you, I should have known and made back ups after all the warnings we had. But I just couldn't believe this could ever happen.

Will be back later.. I'll do a backup of all the pics of Prune now.I guess it IS more important that those didn't get "swallowed" at least.

God that SUCKS!!! But you are right... you can always make more patterns, you can never take pics of prune again... (well, I mean from the past). You should immediately burn them on a cd. I need to do that as well, I'm terrified I'll lose them.
Your computer is being BAD!!! you should smack it around and show it whose BOSS!~
oh that totally bites. so sorry to hear about it.
Terrible! Computers...grrrrrr.
back up everything on cd twice and then back up those cds every year because cd's dont last (trust me I learned the hard way). I also have a jump drive that I save my important documents on, it's basically a 1gb usb memory stick. guess what color mine is in.
that's awful.

Especially that a lot of your own designs were lost.


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