Monday, August 22


I didn't take a pic..

but I finished my second take on "Mouchelette". Wasn't perfect yet (but I'm not sure I'll get it "perfect" anyway..) plus there was too many knots right in the middle (was knit directly from #1) so I frogged it straight away. It's such a small piece. I guess I'd have it done in a day or two but for Prune.. We had a crappy weather all week end, drizzling endlessly, so it was a full time job trying to keep her somehow entertained indoors.

I installed a counter/referer thing. If you don't have one already, check out , their free service is awesome. So I'm spending hours checking out my traffic, seeing what part of the world people came from (2 from switzerland, one from belgium, and several from france : Hi neighbours !!!). It's fun.

I'm getting a bit worried about my "paypal buy now" button. Anyone have an idea wether the problem comes from me or them ..? I've just emailed them to ask, but I'm not sure how long it will take them to reply.
Laurent just helped me fix my paypal button to buy the Isabeau shrug pattern, it should work now !!!! But one thing is for sure, I don't think I could have done it without him... :-D

I think I may also try and get my entry done for the Crafster "no yarn allowed" craft challenge. As usual, I'm getting into gear just before deadline.. (although I did get my "materials" several weeks ago).
So okay, let's get started on it. Will keep you posted.

Slyv, love my stat counter too. Hey, did you find a swap partner for all that yarn? If not, email me at ladylinoleum at monstercrochet dot com.
I just sent your swap package for the "My country doesn't have that swap." I hope you like it, and that it doesn't take too long to arrive! :)
Your button seems to be working - I just bought the shrug pattern! :) My 15 yo daughter will probably be the one to knit it first, she's on a shrug frenzy. Thank you. :)
Ok ladylinoleum, I've emailed you already for the yarn.

Liz, ! I can't wait to see what treats you sent me.. ;-)

And Lauri, THANKS so much! Hope you'll like it, ... and send us pics!! :-D
Did you get your entry in? I posted mine just for fun, Im sure I wont win and I already have the book
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