Wednesday, August 17


Isabeau purse

Okey dokey, so the free pattern for the Isabeau purse pictured below is here. I've added the link in the sidebar as well..

Laurent has also installed Wordpress as an in-between for me to "play" (that's his words) until we put up the real thing. :-D
So if you're really bored, you can see the premices of chez Plum ..!

And finally, for those of you who DO knit the purse, I really want to add a gallery of your knits: I'd love to see your pics..!

it works it works!

Im glad I could help : )
Just checked out your Chez Plum site! Kewl!!! I llllove the color, too. My fav.
i just finished making the body and the sides of the isabeau purse.

i love it!! the pattern is easy to work from.

this is my first time working with a lace pattern.

but i need your advice: what is the best way to block this garment? i am using all seasons cotton by rowan. i've never blocked anything before. should i steam block?

any help you can give would be very rad.

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