Friday, August 19


My "rouet"

Huh Huh Huh !! See that ? I have no idea what you'd call it in english, but in french it's apparently called a "rouet".

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It's been sitting in the family cabin for ever, and this afternoon my grandparents said they're giving it to me. Yes, ME !! Ha, I still really can't believe it. I hope I'm not wrong thinking it was used for spinning.. I REALLY want to learn to spin someday.

that's awesome! now you can make amazing yarns to go along with your patterns as well. chez plum is definately going to be one busy home...
Ooooooooo - I'm very jealous now! I'd love to spin and dye, but DB doesn't think my asthma would like it (even if I did). I think it might just be him not liking it... ;)
Your 'rouet' is a spinning wheel in English. And whenever you feel like learning how to use it, just head south for lessons! There's lots of spinning going on down here. BTW, the wheel is just gorgeous. Lucky you!
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