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So I received a package. I thought it was from a swap or something.. But no : I actually WON something !!! Yeah, there was this competition-thingy in a french mag where you had to send pics of something you designed yourself and could win a Phildar yarn kit or a subcription to their mag. So here's what I got :
Image hosted by
Keep your greetings though.. Last time I looked, it seemed like there was more prizes than entries.. ;-)

However, it's always good to get free yarn, right ?!!

Now, I don't like the color, and don't really see myself using it in a while. Would anyone be interested in a swap or something ..?
It's 10 skeins of Phildar "nautique", colour "fidji", brand new in their packaging. 50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 50g=152 yards, recom. gauge is 25 st/35 rows on 2.5 - 3mm needles (US 3-5). And the colour is a tad lighter (and "greener") than it shows on pic..

Oh, and I just made my first ever "Paypal buy now" button for the Isabeau shrug... :-D Hoohoo!! It's over at chez Plum of course...

EDIT: However, the said paypal button keeps leading me to a "temporary paypal" thing, "try again later". Did I do something wrong with my button ?!!!
(also, I'm starting to get spam comments. Is it going to happen often when I start having more traffic ?... :-/ )

wow - a spinning wheel AND a bag full of yarn all in one week! you are one lucky knitter. and don't be bashful about the number of entries, either. you won fair and square, and your designs are lovely.
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