Tuesday, August 2


See ? Orange IS cool ...

I got this in the mail today: the awesome needlecase Melissa sent me, along with an assorted v. cool stitch marker.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And speaking of stitch markers, I just started using one of these little guys yesterday, and I think I'm addicted ! Not that I NEED it - I've just cast on for a nb 2 shrug, mostly because I needed a close-up pic of the lace ;-) - but it just makes knitting even more enjoyable : less thinking, more "touching". Plus I LOVE to have it dangling on the needles..

In other news, I've got another pattern ready, but it has to remain secret for now. So I did get some knitting done, but can't show any pics.. Boo.
The shrug pattern testing process should be in its final phase soon.
And I really should finish the "Felicie" choker, which needs yet another frog-reknit. Will probably be like the tenth time, between finding the right dimensions with the yarn I finally decided on, then right finishing etc... Then the other choker variation ("Felicie aussi") shouldn't take long, and I'll have another pattern to add to the list...

I really should start working on the template for the pattern page now !

Image hosted by Photobucket.com.. and also before I forget. I found this awesome book at the library the other day. Title would probably translate as "Stories of a portable utopia. The case of the handbag" or something like that.. And there's all these fabulous ancient purses from all civilisations inside... Oo-Hoo!!! Inspiration.

That's an awesome neeedlecase, I love the fabric.
I like to stitch markers too, but I dont really know how to use them. They get stuck in my knitting for some reason, sigh.

A purse book?! How much better can it get?
I'm going to start a site this week!! I got some new software! I'll email you in a minute!
Oh goodness! Now you're all organized with a needle case. I'm jealous. All my needles are in a long basket. I do keep a piece of paper as well with all the sizes written down. High tech. ;-)

I can't wait to see your chokers. I'm going to recreate (nice way of saying copy) the mohair pearl necklace from Anthropologie for gifting. It looks very easy. But you are so clever, I'm sure your chokers will be lovely.
Woo-hoo! They're international!! I'm VERY glad you like the case. Your little girl is SO cute -- good to hear that she's walking (now you'll never be able to rest again).

I'm getting a ball winder next week, so I'll be dying that yarn and rolling it up to start on those hats.
a retrospective of purses? how lovely! how lucky to come upon that book too!
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