Friday, September 9


I'm off

or at least in a few hours... Will get some sleep first ! ;-)
Well I wanted to post a little preview pic of the tote and handbag, but really didn't get the occasion/time today, just ran around all day packing, cleaning, organising, running after prune... you get the idea.
Laurent installed a system on chez Plum so that patterns can be downloaded immediately after payment is processed. So now I can leave and not worry overly about not being connected for 2 weeks. Arghh !

I sent in my application form today for the Fancy scarf show (see former post), and apparently she needs more knitters, so go ahead and apply too ! (seems like she's keeping 40% of retail price, and remaining 60% is for you. Seems fair, no?)

Also, on Maize's blog I just found this. Love the colour scheme, and this is just quite similar to the knitting tote I want to make. Although mine will be different of course, but I mean I really like that kind of format...

Ok, ... see you guys in 2 weeks. I may be able to check my emails from time to time if I can find a web cafe, but really not sure. Will miss you...!

can't wait to see the tote!!!
enjoy your time off!
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