Wednesday, September 7


Isabeau vs Katrina

I blocked the Isabeau handbag today, and will try to get the lining cut tonight (I'm thinking of using leather... That should be stiff enough ..!! ;-) )
I've also started on the tote, but with preparing for our holidays / cleaning the apartment (nothing worst than coming home to a messy place) and taking care of Prune (she's teething again, and looks like it hurts!) ... I don't think I can have both done by friday. So that might have to wait till we come back at the end of the month.

But anyhow, all this seems a bit futile. I'm really not much of a "news" person (+ being away these last days ect..), so I'm like only starting to get a grasp of the whole Katrina thing. But once again I'm blown away by this great crafting community. The Crafsters United thing, or Give a little, and also this lady who's donating the money she'll get for her beautiful Katrina rib pattern.. there's probably more, but I already find those so inspiring and positive !!
All this to say I'm so happy to be somehow part of such a fantastic community. I still don't really get how so many americans could willingly give full powers to bush (which btw sounds in french like "bouche", i.e. in regular vernacular slang "some big-mouthed person from whom you should not expect much truth"...!?!). And I really wonder whether those people still blindly trust him now.
Also, be sure to check what mon amie Christine has to say about all that. She's so much more than just an awesome designer.

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