Saturday, September 3


Just a quickie

'cause it's already late, to say I've nearly finished the knitting part of the Isabeau handbag. It will still need finishing, and some stiff lining...and hopefully I can show you a pic when we come back from Grenoble in a couple days !

Laurent is in vacation for 3 weeks, so we'll be sticking around this next week visiting friends and family and doing various errands, and then we'll head off to Lacanau (around Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast) for 2 weeks. Hopefully for some surfing, cycling, walking in the sand-dunes.. and knitting !!

Okay, so talk to you in a couple days. I really hope I can get those 2 bags done before I leave ! ..Oh and if I could get the final green light for the shrug's XL size that would be nice too. We'll see.

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