Thursday, September 8


Might be fun

Just found this on Naive knitting (which I'm adding to my links btw, the list is starting to be real long) :
"The Fancy Scarf Show - FANCY would like to invite you to participate in our 1st Scarf Show.
Fancy will showcase various scarf creations from artists around the world. Our opening reception will be held on November 11th at Fancy in Seattle, WA. For one month we will have your creations on display and will sell them either at the store or on our online website.
To join in the festivities contact curator, Kristen Rask, at with your name, website info (if any), and a few images of the kinds of work you do. Kristen will then contact you more about the show if you are selected. Please allow for a few weeks for her to do so.
This is a great way for you to get your name and work out to the public! And in perfect time for everyone to find their new perfect scarf!
We Love You and Scarves!! Fancy - 1932 2nd ave - Seattle, WA 98101 -

Oh, and of course you've already seen the new Knitty, right ? Once again, gorgeous stuff !

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