Wednesday, November 2


Photo coming soon !

but the fancy scarf is done. I just need to add tassels at the ends (thanks for the right word BH !!), snap a quick pic, and get it mailed out asap !!!!
Hopefully I'll get that done today, and shall post a pic then.

But the actual reason I couldn't wait and HAD to post is the latest VK and its stunning victorian knits with delicate lace, and especially this one !!! So I was just thinking, if somebody wanted to do a little mag swap, I could probably send you a Phildar mag of your choice in exchange (I could even translate your fav pattern as part of the "deal" in it if need be), or another french mag... I just have one in mind that's usually worth the wait (beg. of december). Just let me know if you're interested.

silly why didnt you just ask me for it? I can pick it up if you like
Me! Me! I will send you a copy tout suite - I would love a Phildar mag - especially whichever one is one their site now with the pretty chunky cardigans. I can translate myself.

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