Wednesday, November 2


The pictures

The scarf was sent earlier today, so here are the promised pics.
Image hosted by Image hosted by

... So, hehe, that was an FO, right?!! Wow, I'm still under shock. ;-)

I've also written 5 pages for the "6 to 8 pages book review" due for tomorrow's american civilization class. Hoho. Looks like I'll be able to have that more or less done too...? But that's thanks to laurent who took care of prune all yesterday so I could work on it. And I yet have to prepare another text as well for an oral review in another class.
Student life...

The tassles really work well with the scarf! Very cool.
I love, it's so crazy!

My offer is still up if youd like
Cool! Very bohemian, and therefore very trendy right now :)
Your scarf turned out great. I think its so cool.
I love it! That's the ultimate stashbusting scarf!
that scarf is so cool and you look great in it! did you make the sweater too?
thanks all for your nice comments on my scarf. And kate, no that's a store-bought sweater, although I have to admit I really like the shape. So you're right, maybe I'll try to make one similar soon...someday !
Wow ... this is such a funcky scarf! Very nice!
And thanks for the comment on my jacket ... I did feel I could do anything ... but of course, whether I can really do so is another matter! LOL!
I love the scarf! It really is unique! How did you ever come up woth the pattern for the shape?
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