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Right, so this time it's done. Finished. Over with. I cut the handles of the tote on sunday and reknit them, changing a wee bit their placement and adding a bit of length. I'm much happier with how it looks now !! :-D I'm now working on the pattern, which I'd like to finish by tomorrow, before my busy "Uni-days".
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And it can even hold my knitting ! ;-)
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It's the actually the scarf you can see inside, now about twice the size it was the other day now. Now that I got the hang of the pattern, it's really quick. Even frustrating, nearly ! ;-)
Mind you, I'm using 6 mm needles, so of course that helps. But I love how it's airy and light and yet warm. I've also found some nice pearls on saturday that should be a perfect finishing touch for it.

.. And I just can't resist showing you more pics of laurent and prune, with their snowman ! (hehe, both with hats I made them. But years and years ago for laurent. Which is the reason why he's asked for a new one...!)
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Well ... first of all, congratulations on the baby and the article! You are a busy busy woman, aren't you? Your totes are lovely. So you got snow and we were supposed to and did not. Which I am glad about. Snow belongs in the mountains, I say. I am going to read your article now.
nous plus de neige DU TOUT - tou a fondu :o(

bravo pour les totes, sont super trognons !!!
Your tote is lovely. Great job! And Prune is adorable. Congratulations on the new baby.
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