Friday, December 2


A new pattern chez Plum !!

That's it, at last the pattern for the Handbag and Tote is ready to go. Check it out here.

And I just finished a pair of little mittenettes with a skein of Phildar Nebuleuse. I was hoping for something approaching the very beautiful ones Marnie Mc Lean made recently.. but the boucle yarn makes them a bit weird. Well, we'll see if somebody likes them for a Christmas present (I plan to put everything in a basket and let them choose what they like).
They're just plain rectangles, with one lace pattern repeat on the top of the hands, and plain stockinette for the palm. And one row of single crochet around the thumb opening..

Oh, and thanks so much for all your congrats and comments ! I'm just not very good with replying and emails..

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