Monday, December 26


Of scarves and boots

Well first, I hope you all had a really nice Xmas with your family or friends around.
We did. It was nice, but tiring as usual. Yesterday we went to bed at 8.30 !
Plus I had been a bit sick all week before (after prune of course), and add finishing knitting and crocheting my last presents... You get the picture, I now have to catch back on emails and stuff. And my voice is off completely. I can only whisper...
Anyhow. Despite all my grand initial plans of chokers and knecklaces and gloves and mittenettes ect.. my little basket filled only with scarves in the end ! But they were cool, and my sisters in law and mom in law all picked one (or more !)
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

And this "tentacles" (crocheted, and after a pattern for once!) one I finished only about one hour before giving it... Here are my two really cool sis' sporting their new scarves
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..And can I just add 2 more pics ? Look at my ugg boots my sis' caroline offered me, I love'em so much I hardly took them off since (except to go outside, don't worry) plus with my cold and being so tired it's just what I need these days to keep my feet warm enough. Oh, and there was only Shweppes in my glass.. ;-) Which reminds me, would you believe I "realised" I'm pregnant this week-end. ...or rather, because there was a big mirror in the bathroom at that place where we stayed, I realised I actually do look pregnant now ! And I earnestly thought my tummy was still pretty flat and it didn't show.. Well, it does !! :-D
And this sweet Xmas card my parents gave us. It's just so special with the sidecar, seing the trip we did. My parents are real sweet.
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Happy Christmas Sylvie :) Sorry to hear you've been ill - me too (came down with a cold on Christmas Eve).

The scarves are looking yummy! I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of Ugg boots, but those are lovely - it must be that lovely cranberry colour.
MErry Christmas- a little late! All of you scarves are beautiful. I hope you feel better soon!
Your beaded scarves look beautiful. I'm sure they are much loved.

Hope your not feeling too poorly with the pregnancy.
Aaah, what gorgeous scarves! And neckpiece!

Happy New Year!
Beautiful scarves. I'll be knitting your purse soon. It's lovely!
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