Wednesday, January 4


..and a Happy New Year !

Good, so all the festivities are over and we can now go back to normal life.. ;-)

Prune's got new mittens, and Laurent a new hat (although he may well get others, that one is far from perfect. but at least it's a hat, and it fits this time)
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and I now feel like making a sweater for myself ! I actually brought back more "yarn" from my second stash (!) stocked by a grand'ma in Grenoble,
a finished sweater for laurent ( that he's never even considered wearing) with leftovers ect that I'll turn into something for me one of these days,

And this 100% tibetan wool sweater that I got at the salvation army years ago thinking of recycling that gorgeous yarn. So here I am. I've already dissassembled it all, and frogged the 2 sleeves. That's the 2 hanks you see, one has been washed and is nearly dry already, the others might go in the sink this afternoon. (I decided to do it right for once..!)
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I swatched it on my 6mm bamboos. Guess it could even go with slightly bigger needles, but I really don't like the feel of the others (plastic ! Yuk!) so it should be 6 mm.. I want to go pretty simple, a fairly basic shaped cardi, all in stockinette to just show off the yarn. With maybe some fake apparent seams in the front (and back?).. somehow a bit like the LoopdLoop princess seams cardi, but different.. ;-)

We'll see what I manage to do. At least when I've decided on the plan and all, it should be a fairly quick knit.

And now I should get back to preparing tomorrow's finals. Gavaritié pa russki ? ;-)
But actually the russian one is the easy bit. I had another one yesterday btw, and managed to infuriate my teacher.. cause I answered a phonecall from daycare. I know that's wrong, but then .. and he was all surprised when I told him I thought my daughter was more important than a final at Uni! and he went on and on that I was living on another planet etc.. I was just mad. At least we both cooled down at the end, luckily for me. But boy it was hard to concentrate after that.

Happy New Year, Sylv! And of course your daughter is more important than anything! That silly prof.
Happy New Year! Your professor obviously doesn't understand what it means to be a mother! It takes priority over everything else, of course! Love those mittens, by the way...
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