Thursday, January 26


The meme

I've just started on a new project. A mohair crossover cardi with daisy eyelets on the front panels. I've been wanting to knit it for ever, and I just decided this big cone of deep red mohair should work. And it does : stashbusting !!!! Knits on 6mm, so that should be another cruisy and quick project... till I get all my new shelves and can browse thru all my yarns to start on the million other projects !
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And here's the meme:

4 jobs you've had in your lifetime

carpenter on a log cabin in Alaska, housekeeper, interpreter for a snowboard company in Munich, .. but the closer to a "real job": cashier, selling ski tickets in ski resorts. (did that 5 years altogether)
4 movies you could watch over and over
just like sandra "Pride and prejudice" (BBC or others, actually..), "Moonsoon wedding", "Smoke signals" (fry bread power !!), "where the heart is" (the walmart baby)
4 places where you've lived
Saudi Arabia and Qatar when I was a kid; Squamish, BC, Canada; Wanaka, New-Zealand; ..and say Perth, Western Australia.
4 tv shows you love to watch
ooh, hard one. We don't have the same shows here, plus I'm not big on tv shows I guess. Nothing comes to my mind right now... (not that I don't watch any, though)
4 places where you've been on vacation
Arizona, Reunion island and Mauricius, Florence/Tuscany, ...and then french places I guess like the côte Basque.. ?
4 websites you visit daily
Crafster, Statcounter, my blog, ..what else ? Oh, maybe Google.
4 of your favorite foods
tarte au citron meringuée (lemon tart topped with meringue), anchovy-stuffed olives, salty stuff like dry ham, salami.. , and does a drink count ? jasmine green tea.
4 places where you'd rather be now
I'm pretty happy with where I am, but say ... a cool house that I could call my own around Grenoble, Reunion island, Perth, Irkutsk. Warm and sunny would be nice.
4 bloggers you're tagging
If you're up for it :
Christine of Knitting for Boozehags
Jacey of Insubordiknit
Marie of Brooklyn Handspun
Karen de Stitchounette...

Ohh I'd love to be a carpenter although maybe not in alaska! I've got my meme done!
alors je vais essayer de la faire ce "meme" mais je ne te garantis rien.

j'adoooooore ta veste Teva elle te vas super bien - tu risque juste de ne pas la porter bien longtemps ;o) tu t'arrondi doucement mais surement ;o)

j'ai hate de voir ton nouveau projet - j'aime beaucoup la couleur !
yay another pride and prejudice fan!!!
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