Tuesday, January 17


Yoke vest ?

Yay !! I finally made my first ever circulars !! Had bought the dowels and stuff ages ago, but then laurent said his drill was too massive to drill holes in them :-/
And then yesterday, I got me some little hand-drills (kind of tiny corkscrew, really) and VOILA ! I'm a bit afraid the joint isn't as smooth as it should be, but I'll give it a try and sand it some more if needed..
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Anyhow, I made two, 10 mm and 8 mm. So now I can start on my two top favorite Loop'd Loop projects, the cowl and yoke vest...

Cause actually I'm now thinking of using my tibetan yarn (frogged my first start, gauge WAS indeed terribly off!!) to make the yoke vest. Good or bad idea ? With or without sleeves (although that can be decided later)..
I'm just afraid it might be a bit tight looking (..especially with my big belly..but then that's only temporary, right ?!!) so maybe make it a zipper cardi ...?

Anyhow, I just made the needed 5 stitchmarkers... ;-)

ohhh, i love this vest and can't wait to see how it goes for you, then i can start, heh.

nice work on the circs! the stitchmarkers look lovely too!
wow, your own circs...I'm impressed. Very cool!
Wow, I am so impressed you made your own circs!! A true craftsman.
Amazing! I love that you made your own circs! And the vest sounds like a great project.
je suis impressionnee aussi !
si t'as du joint en silicone (pour les salle de bain) essaie d'en faire un tout petit entre le "fil et l'aiguille" ca sera peut-etre plus "facile" au passage de tes mailles....

j'adore cette veste, ce livre tout entier me plait, mais je me contente de le feuilleter, je ne sais pas si je me lancerai dans un de ses ouvrages ;o)

tu te portes bien ?
a bientot
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