Wednesday, February 1


It's a girl !!

I had my second ultrasound a couple hours ago.. and we're having a second girl !
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With this second pregnancy SOO different from the first and everybody telling me it'd be a boy, I was kind of prepared for a little guy, but no.
So it's cool, I'm slowly getting used to the idea. A team of girls. I had no sister (2 brothers!) and am always a bit curious (jealous ?) of the particuliar bond between sisters...
And oh. No new clothes to buy !! We can re-use all the cute girly stuff.. . ;-)

In knitting news, I'm nearly done with the back of the cardi. Goes fast really, but I just haven't been able to spend time on it lately, with my last papers for uni (Phew, it's all over now !! And I even got some surprinsingly good marks, am still floored !!) and family reunions and all...
Will try to squeeze in a few hours on it today before my friend Anouschka comes for the afternoon. I still have a hard time figuring what it's going to look like in red, but at least I like the way it knits so far, warm and fluffy, but not too dense.

I was the only girl in my family as well so I have no idea what that sisterly bond is like.
Congratulations on the great news. Im one of two girls and I wouldn't change anything for my sister... she's my best friend.
Oh, how exciting!!
congratulations!!! I see a lot of lovely handknit clothes in this baby's future!
Congrats!!! And let me be the first to say not only does she look cute but she looks like a knitter too! ;-)
si je devais en avoir un 2eme j'aimerais une 2eme fille - c'est trop mimi les tricots pour filles ;o)
ahh Debbie Bliss....

maintenant dur dur pour le prenom ;o)

felicitations !
Congratulations! I have a 4 mo. boy and I've just started knitting for him. If he had been a girl, you can bet I would have knit him a little dress :)
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