Wednesday, February 15


Miss red daisy

Here she is, modelled while trying to tuck in my tummy as much as possible !! ;-)
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She's a delight to wear, and fits quite well. Although I'm wondering wether size small would have been better. I wasn't too sure and chose the Medium so I could wear it this winter too... We'll see how it goes after the baby !
Otherwise, it was all a breeze, and I'm delighted to have it already finished. Man, 2 sweaters for me in like only one month when I hadn't knitted one for like over 10 years !!!!

Anyway, it's also good because it means I can move on to the next thing, and my list of super-priority-project is pretty long at the moment. Now that I have the yarn, I really really want to make the chokers. Hope it works well with the Synchronicity (last yarn I tried was great and soft and beautiful, but lacked of relief).

Then I'm very excited about a lacy hoodie I want to make. It's all there in my head, and I really hope I can make it as nice !! Here's my first swatch, for what should be the "roses of Saadi" (after a poem we learnt at school)
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..Oh, and of course if I were reasonable, I'd also finish the pattern for the Mouchelette. We'll see.

Very nice! It looks so cozy. Are the chokers from a pattern you made?
ohh, lovely! nice open bits! and don't suck in that belly! i hope to have such a belly soon!
Ahhhh!! You look soooo cute! I gotta get a pic of my belly before it's gone! I love that sweater, especially the color!
I love the cardi :) It looks fantastic with the preggo belly! You're glowing!
I LOVE the color of that. It looks so cozy!
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