Thursday, February 23


Prune's new toy

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket ... a Psycho Tomato !!

I had a bit of a hard time getting started on it this morning: am obviously not a crochet expert !! But after a false start, I got into the groove again and it took only a few hours to make. I really LOVE LOVE the popping eye, do check Regina's stuff at Monster crochet if you haven't yet ! Now I'm thinking it would make a great cushion, with a real big hook and double or triple stranded yarn.. We'll see. But that was already a great use found for some of the cheap acrylic odds and ends that plague us all.. ;-)

And look at prune posing for me. She was like "encore, encore" (again, more pics !)

that is a pretty awesome toy!
That is so cool! I wish I could crochet something other than crappy doilies. You're such a cool mom!
Please do send the pic of tomato with your lovely daughter...I will post that one for sure! So cool. Glad you had fun making it!
What a cute little girl with her, uh, monster tomato eye. Great job!
wow, super cool. i didn't realize was so big until the 'encore' shot. adorable. i just learned how to crochet a chain for a provisional caston, maybe i'll have to learn more!
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