Wednesday, March 29


Dyeing party - take 2

This blog is starting to be a bit boring colour-wise : yet more plum and lime pics today ! ;-)

Here's the progress on a wee crochet cardi in the Phildar Licorne I swatched for last time. It's meant to be part of "baby shower set" pattern. I know, a crochet pattern !! I'm making some progress, for once a crochet project that I think might deserve an actual pattern...
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Then I got more food-colouring this morning. And I'm much more satisfied with the results this time !
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I especially love the lime boucle yarn at top right. And the plumish one just beside (used to be a boring grey). & The green-grape-red at the bottom left says it wants to become a pair of jaywalkers..! :-D
I also threw in the washing machine the cotton hanks along with a couple sheets to dye in lime (!), but the result is a bit dissapointing, too light and nearly yellow. Guess I'll have to redo it.

Oh. And chez Plum was offline pretty much all sunday and monday due to hosting problems. Sorry about that. We should switch to a more reliable hosting company soon anyway. All my emails from that period of time also dissapeared. So in case someone sent me an email sometime this week-end, would you mind sending it again..? Thanks.

Very colorful, indeed!
wow, you've been busy!
really love your crochet baby cardi, good idea!
Cool! I think that you should return the favour I did you by telling me how you did the food colour dying (or at least provide a link :D although I think you've probably done more favours for me than I have for you! :D Whoops!)
I love that lime yarn!
Sylv, you have been busy! Look at all those wonderful colors you came up with! The cardi is so pretty too.
Your blog is NEVER BORING Sylv, the fact that you are so daring with color is a treat to read about, your yarn adventures are inspiring!!! -Pam
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