Monday, March 20


No pics this time

Not that I haven't touched the needles / hooks, there's just not enough progress yet to show.. Need to finish the first front of the lime cardi. I've also started swatching for a Knitty submission (!)
And I've started crocheting a needle case with the pink yarn. But I kept trying/frogging/trying again..and my grand'ma was like "unraveling AGAIN?!!". Yeah, till it's the right shape ! So there's not much done yet.

Btw, thanks for all the nice comments on my crate here and on Crafster. I'm so glad if that inspires others.. :-D If anybody's interested, I wrote a note about how I made it there.

Otherwise, 2 things. First, who wants to help reduce my stash ? I'd particularly want to get rid of this, this, this and this. Seeing the price of shipping from France I'd rather send big lots (as in, same price till 1 kg !) so basically you could have several lots for the same "price" (& have tons more not listed too) Don't want much for it but good stuff. Like one or two skeins (partial skeins ok) of Manos, KSH, Kureyon/Silkgarden, Malabrigo's colonia 140, Mission falls cotton 1824, Koigu Kppm in color p623... or whatever.
You can have any of the patterns as well ... I just want to make room for yarn I'll really use. ;-)

And second, concerning the chezPlum patterns : I’d really like to see your pics of shrugs, totes or chokers! First ones will get a free pattern of your choice.

I think the name you chose ChezPlum is so nice for your other site. Looking forward to seeing many more patterns on their. Great job! I just added your blog link to my site.
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