Thursday, May 11


For anyone but Christine...

The crocheted baby set is finished and sent. Till she receives it she's now got it, so here are the (clickable) pics :
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So the hard-to-guess second item was actually a "baby-book", with fabric pages on which you print pics of familiar faces for the baby... Hope you'll see what I mean. Obviously the one I sent her has blank pages, just photoshopped the pic ..!
Anyhow. I'm now typing the pattern. Man, this is always more work than it seems..! ;-)

Otherwise I haven't knit or crocheted much these past 2 days. But I finally made the wee pouches for my stitchmarkers.
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AND last but not least, I received some of the yarn I bought off Destash.
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Of course you've recognized the little unlabeled pink skein as KSH... Yum. The Katia Sevilla (deep red ribbon yarn)I'd like to turn into a little wee top. Still need to swatch and all, but I've got this picture in my head... White one I think was some silky stuff, but I'll have to ask the lady again. And the baby alpaca is just soooo soft ! Of course it's all little amounts. But hey, you all know by now I like small projects anyway... ;-)

The lime cardi hasn't progressed much though. Right after I wrote about being halfway thru the second sleeve I realised I had an odd number of stitches... Oops ! Should have been even. So I ripped it all down to the hem. Started again, knit for a few rows, counted again, ... and yeah you guessed it, ripped again !!!
Odd that I've been doing fine with the rest of the cardi and now I seemed unable to concentrate enough to get it right !! Oh well.
I'm nearly finished with the increases now (counted every row), so it should be a breeze. Then the collar and seaming... and I'll have to face THE problem : who's gonna model it ?!!!!!! :-P

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