Tuesday, May 23


Her own way !

So we've tried it all this week-end, the foot massage, grocery shopping with prune under the rain (!), the mini-hike, vaccuming and cooking for our friend's visit, and then to top it off a 2.5 hr drive (on a bumpy country road!) to my parents.. I sure did have a lot of contractions, but still no baby !!
So now I'll just let her decide, & she'll come whenever SHE feels ready for it.
One thing's funny though, my back really doesn't hurt half as much any more now she's so much lower. Cool.

I was trying to wait till I had a pic of the 2 finished Lucilles before I posted, but even though I'm THAT close now and it's just a matter of like half an hour, I guess I'll post it after. Just to let you guys know I'm still there..!

Instead, you'll get another kiddie pic :
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The drive to my parents was to see my niece (and SIL) from Reunion island. First time ever the two cousins met !! Beginnings were a bit hard... but after a while, man, they were chatting and playing and laughing, it was so cool !!! We had gorgeous weather too so it really was a great day !

In other news... The fab Y. helped me do a little spring cleanup in my sidebar. (if it isn't working for you, please let me know). Oh, and I keep forgetting but my friend Emmie did it again, she started a Kal for the Isabeau tote ! (still free patterns up for grab for first pics of your tote/choker/shrug !). I also did a little reorganising chez Plum... Would you believe prune says "sayplum" now when she sees me working on the comp..?!

And we just learned yesterday that our great great friends are due in july (second girl as well, Christine, should we start a club ? ;-) )... by reading an interview of them on the internet, them sneaky monkeys !!!! But it's such great news they're forgiven ...
So.. it's just going to be another very-baby summer around here, just like when prune was born. Makes 5 of us due in june/july !!

Wow, that's going to be one lenghty post, better stop now ! ;-P
And back to the Lucille dolls...

so glad the sidebar is working! :D

I think the new baby is waiting for me to finish a little something I'm working on, once I post it in the mail she'll show up ; )
Hang in there Sylv! Funny how kids make up their own mind (even at this stage!) Take good care. -Pam
thanks for the crochet comment , you pumped me up , i admit ! and thank you for that great purse pattern I almost did a flip at work when i found it !
Wow, lots of babies ready to bloom!
Sorry to say I can only see half the sidebar. There seems to be about an inch (there's a real techie word) missing to the left.

Fingers crossed for the big event.
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