Saturday, May 6


Nearly there

I should have two FOs to show pretty soon. Yes, you did read correctly, two !! The crochet baby set only needs a bit of finishing, and I'm halfway thru the second sleeve of the lime cardi. I'm trying to concentrate on those and not work on anything else till I've finished...
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For now, here's already the little softie toy from the baby set. It's got a wee rattle thing inside (any french-reading lady, how do you translate "grelot" ? .. and "ciseaux crantés" ..?) and the tail on the back is both for the baby to hold, or tie it on the stroller or whatever... (actually I wanted to add ties somewhere but wasn't too sure, and laurent said :" a cat ? it needs a tail !" I live with a genius !! ;-) )

And.. remember the Loop'd'Loop vest I made a couple months ago with some recycled tibetan yarn and how I said my friend Anouchka took the leftover yarn and gear ..? Well here's hers !!
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..modeled as well by her little boy !! ;-) It was her first time ever knitting with circs (they're not so popular over here, France is still quite backwards knittingwise..). And because she's quite tall, she started by knitting a few extra rows to add length, but apparently it wasn't enough and she ended up adding extra length with ribbing as well...
Anyhow, she did a great job, ... and doesn't she look great ?!! The pic was taken in Brittany btw, .. I'm jealous !!!

"ciseaux crantés" = "crimping scissors"


"grelot" = "bell, or sleigh bell"

Hope that helps :D

Hey, cute softie toy! The kid in the sweater photos is so funny!!
Sylv, that rattle rocks!
Are crimping scissors the same as pinking shears?

A query the other way around as I am attempting to improve my french by doing my blog in french as well as english: how would you translate 'stash' (cachette doesn't seem right somehow) and 'tinking' and 'frogging'?
Moi aussi, je pense que les
ciseaux crantés sont des pinking shears....

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