Monday, May 29


Not much new ...

Seems it was more of a false alert in the end. She's still super low but hanging in there despite it all. Hope she won't wait until due date though, as the 3 next week-ends were booked with family, friends and weddings...

This week-end we drove again to my parents and celebrated the girls birthdays. Each one chose one of the Lucille dolls (yeah, still haven't embroidered faces, was afraid to do a mess..), and they got a phone too: look at them executive women !!!
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The pattern for the crochet babyset is now ready but for the proofreading. Next up: finish the lime cardi. I've only got to finish seaming the shoulders & sleeves, then pick up the stitches for the collar and knit those - what, 4 rows ...? Better get it done now.

Hold on! Dolls and girls are soo cute, like the "phonegame" with the toddlers!
those dolls are so adorable. hope you are comfortable and everything is going well!
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