Tuesday, May 30


See that ?!!!!

I mean, did you see that ?!!! Yeah, the swatch !!! It may not look like much at first but WOW !
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This is the proof that Gedifra "Wellness" is THE perfect substitute for my "Cotonina" yarn, the one I used for all 3 Isabeau patterns (shrug, purse & totes). Lime is cotonina, and olive is wellness. Same gauge, feeling, fiber contents and yardage, it's got it all. Even looks like the same color range. Like it's the same yarn with a different name really !!!

Thanks again so much Emmie for finding it !!! :-D

YAY!!!! I am so glad!!!
I have put down the hangbag to finish my SIL bday shawl, which has a dealine of Saturday since she is off to Europe all summer!

I can't wait to knit on it again, I really miss it.

I haven't forgotten about editing the patterns, I have just been really busy lately! Just so you know, it is a priority to me :)

BTW... any new additions to the family yet? :D

Emms :)
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